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Ventilators work by extracting heated air from your ceiling space enabling it to be replaced with fresh air. Ventilators also extract moisture laden air ensuring that dampness isn't trapped.

Access Insulation specialises in a variety of ventilation solutions and can supply and install these products or simply supply them.

Windmaster Turbine Roof Ventilator

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The Windmaster is a wind driven whirlybird and is an extremely effective form of ventilation used throughout Australia in many homes. The Windmaster is a 300mm aluminium ventilator specifically designed for Australia's conditions.

Some of the features include:

  1. Lifetime warranty on body of ventilator with 10 year guarantee on bearings
  2. Easily replaceable bearings
  3. Withstands severe wind and rain
  4. Dome reinforced against hail
  5. Large range of colours
  6. Wind driven

Hurricane Industrial Turbine Ventilators

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Fresh air makes people feel more alive and alert while warm, stale air causes people to feel lethargic and disinterested. The Hurricane Turbine Roof Ventilator provides an efficient and cost effective system of natural ventilation for industrial, commercial or community buildings. This system allows an adequate level of air movement in order to keep occupants comfortable.

Other Ventilation Systems and Accessories

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We supply other forms of roof ventilation as well as a large range of accessories to ensure the necessary airflow. Call us with your challenge, and we'll help build a solution!


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Skylight Systems brighten your dark rooms naturally and save you energy and money. Access Insulation has a range of round or square skylights with the following features:

  • A range of sizes depending on usage
  • Will fit any type of roof covering
  • Finish to colour match your roof
  • Flexible shafting can bend around roof frame
  • Option of vented or non-vented
  • Lead-free means no contamination to collected drinking water

BERS (Building Energy Rating Scheme

BERS (Building Energy Rating Scheme) is a Home Energy Rating Scheme that can be used to assign a star rating to a house within a particular climate type. We use a computer program called BERS Pro, which is a powerful tool that we use to simulate and analyse the thermal performance of Queensland houses.

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